Day 30 North Korea

Posted on July 10, 2010


Today sees the 3rd-4th placed play off between Uruguay and Germany, as this post goes live Germany are winning 1-0, sorry it’s 1-1 now, this was the final some people had hoped for and it would have been nice to see Uruguay in the final after many a year, but it wasn’t to be. As the World Cup is coming to an end I only have 3 teams left to post and today was the most frustrating fans to capture on film. In fact I couldn’t for all my trying actually find a bona-fide North Korean fan in London, I tried everything I could but alas they were eluding me, even in New Malden I couldn’t find any real North Koreans. South Africa 2010 was the first World Cup that North Korea or as they liked to be called the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK for Short) had been involved in since England 1966, and what a joy they were to have at the party, especially in the first game. Against Brazil they narrowly lost 2-1 and were actually quite unlucky in that game, which is incredible considering both teams footballing history and of course who could forget the Korean Rooney’s (Jong Tae-se) tears during the national anthem, either of joy or pain will we never know.  So today’s team is North Korea, the enigma, I had to be creative but if you look closely you can actually see a North Korean and almost definitely she was a fan of the football team.

DPRK Embassy London/North Korea

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